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    Welcome to Zahida Dental, we are a team of dedicated people caring for all your dental needs from a toothache to full cosmetic dentistry. Our highly skilled and experienced staff can advise and assess your individual needs to help give you a beautiful smile.

    You are not only changing the way your smile looks, but you are changing your life. Congratulations on your new smile!
    Teeth Whitening
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    Professional Services
    We carry a full range of competitively priced dental care products for your convenience.
    Professional Services
  • About Us

    Klinik Pergigian Zahida has been providing quality dental care in section 8 Shah Alam for more than 12 years.
    The principal dental surgeon, Dr. Eliza, has more than 20 years experience behind her and after about 6 years working at Zahida Dental was presented with the opportunity to buy the clinic. Ownership of the clinic changed in 2006 and the clinic has undergone a significant facelift for the comfort of our patients.

    Zahida Dental has been fortunate to engage the services of several top notch doctors and exemplary specialists to further enhance the quality of care available to you.

    We are constantly upgrading the facilities and number of services that Zahida Dental provides to further meet your dental health care needs.

    Open on weekdays 10am-10pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm, and open most public holidays
    Our Nurses: Lily, Wati & Hasnah
  • Professional Services

    Replacement of missing teeth using the latest implant techniques
    Removable Prosthodontics
    Complete or Partial Dentures
    Oral Surgery
    Extractions, Impacted wisdom tooth removal, removal of cysts
    Fixed / removable orthodontic appliances

    Scaling and polishing, Surgical and non-surgical, periodontal treatment
    Restorative and Endodontic
    Cosmetic Recontouring and Bonding, Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy), Routine Fillings, Crowns and Bridges
    Preventive Dentistry & Hygiene
    Oral Hygiene Counselling, Dental Sealants (cavity prevention), Fluoride Treatments
    Other Services
    Oral Medicine
    TMJ - Temporomandibular Joint diagnosis & treatment
    Bite Guard Appliances
    Bleaching / Tooth Lightening using Beyond Power
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    We offer two types of teeth whitening. The first being take home whitening that we import from the US in bulk from the manufacturer so we can pass the savings on to you. The take home whitening only costs RM 250 and requires two visits to the clinic, first to check your teeth and to take an impression and then to pick up your bleaching trays and gel. Treatment takes about a week and has proven to be extremely effective.

    The second type of teeth whitening is the one hour chair side whitening from “Beyond” and costs only RM 1300. You will need to make an appointment for this treatment and you will also need to undergo a checkup to make sure your teeth are in good condition before the whitening can take place. Most people experience around ten shades lighter teeth after one hour.
    Teeth Whitening
  • Prices

    Depending on what sort of treatment you require, examples of our normal price ranges are as below:
    Scaling and Polishing: For that professional cleaned by the dentist look and feel, we will clean (scaling) and polish your pearly whites for between RM50 to RM150.
    Fillings: Preservation is our number one priority. Keep your teeth longer, fill that cavity. We use the best materials to preserve your teeth and maintain a smile you can be proud of. Depending on severity of the cavity, cost will be between RM30 to RM150.
    Extractions: Some things in life are more permanent than others, teeth sometimes are not. Simple removal RM50 to more difficult involving minor surgery RM150.
    Orthodontics: Teeth all crooked and out of alignment, we can set them straight again for you for only RM4000 to RM5000 and we can offer you a payment plan after RM1500 initial deposit.
    Wisdom Tooth Surgery: Wisdom teeth require the skill of an experienced specialist to remove through surgery we can provide one of the best around to remove yours for between RM500 to RM800.
    Crowns and Bridges: Sometimes a tooth will be too far gone that a filling won’t fix it but not so bad that it needs to be removed. With a crown we can restore your tooth to its former glory. A bridge is much the same but will completely replace a missing tooth or series of teeth with a fixed partial denture joined permanently to adjacent teeth RM500 to RM1000 per unit (dependent on material type).
    Implants: An implant is an artificial root (made from titanium) that the oral surgeon places into your jaw, by means of a minor oral surgery, to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants are more tooth saving than traditional bridges, as they do not rely on the neighbouring teeth for support. The cost for an implant is RM5000 per tooth, inclusive of the final crown.
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    Klinik Pergigian Zahida
    24A, Jalan Liku B, 8/B Seksyen 8,
    40000 Shah Alam, Selangor,
    : +603 5519 7441
    : +603 5523 2427
    : dreliza@zahidadental.com
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  • FAQ

    Come visit our clinic and get a free check up,
    we will discuss the best option for you.

    • Is there any payment plan for student?
    We do offer a payment scheme so that braces are more affordable for you, please come in for a free check up so we can discuss your options further.

    • How long will the teeth whitening treatment take?
    We will give you a free check up and advise you if there is anything that needs to be done, but it is completely up to you if any other treatment is done. The dentist will usually advise that you have your teeth scaling, polishing, any cavities attended to in order to maximise the result of the whitening process.

    • Is there any other additional charges beside RM250 for teeth whitening?
    No additional charges at all.

    • What is chairside whitening?
    Chairside whitening means that the dentist does the treatment for you and the process takes about an hour. Chairside whitening uses much stronger bleaching gel and a gum shield solution as well as a high intensity activating light to further speed up the whole process.

    • The teeth whitening on offer is seems cheap compare to others, does it
       has terms and conditions?

    Yes our teeth whitening is cheap but it is also proven, we have been using this same whitening gel for over a 2 years now and have only had praise from our patients.