So You’re Interested in Braces? Read On!

So You’re Interested in Braces? Read On!

6th October 2015 - 8:18 pm

There are 2 types of brace:

Removable – Can be removed by the patients themselves

  1. Limited in effect,being capable only of tilting movements
  2. Less than 10 percent of patients are suitable

Fixed – More sophisticated and complicated to use,capable of all types of movements

  1. Consists of bands,brackets and archwires.
  2. Fixing of braces is painless.
  3. Soreness may develop initially as a result of braces rubbing against lip
    or cheek.White wax is given for these areas.
  4. Occasional discomfort after braces are “tightened”.Most people hardly
    notice the braces after that.
  5. Fixed braces are worn for 2 years or more (depending on the
    complexity of the case), where the patients come in for treatment
    every 4 week.Nm41 45A

Why extractions? – Teeth are extracted as part of orthodontic treatment for 2 reasons:

  1. To provide space in crowded mouth so that the remaining teeth can be straightened out.
  2. To provide space for anterior-posterior correction,to bring back teeth which jut out.

What are the procedures for fixed braces?

  1. Initial consultation on suitability of the case,and to discuss treatment plans.
    Study models and photographs are taken.
    Prescriptions for special x-ray are given to the patient to get done.
  2. All other peripheral treatment, e.g.scaling, filling and necessary extractions are done first.
  3. Placing “separators”-elastic band placed between the molars to make space for the metal
    Bands later.This is normally in place for a week.
  4. Fixing of the braces and instructions given on hygiene and care of the braces.
  5. Patient comes back every 4 week for braces adjustments.

Why Wear Elastics?

The rubber bands are used to move teeth forwards or back. Patient cooperation is essential in
The success of the treatment. Rubber bands prescribed need to be changed every day to maintain the constant force and effect.

Orthodontic Retainers

Upon completion of active treatment,the braces will be removed and removable retainers will
be fitted. Patient cooperation is again essential.

Why Wear Retainers?

Retainers are worn by the patient to hold the teeth in alignment while the gums and bones get organised and settle around the new position of the teeth.

Failure to wear the retainers may cause the teeth to move back to their old positions.

The retainer needs to be worn 24 hours a day for at least a year and the patient may be advised to continue night-only wear after that to maintain the alignment.

For the lower teeth, a short piece of wire may be cemented to the back of the lower front teeth to maintain the incisor positions, this is to be kept in place for a long period.

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