Depending on what sort of treatment you require, examples of our normal price ranges are as below.

  • Scaling and Polishing — For that professional cleaned by the dentist look and feel, we will clean (scaling) and polish your pearly whites for between RM80 to RM150.
  • Fillings — Preservation is our number one priority. Keep your teeth longer, fill that cavity. We use the best materials to preserve your teeth and maintain a smile you can be proud of. Depending on severity of the cavity, cost will be between RM80 to RM150.
  • Extractions — Some things in life are more permanent than others, teeth sometimes are not. Simple removal RM80 to more difficult involving minor surgery RM250.
  • Orthodontics — Teeth all crooked and out of alignment, we can set them straight again for you for only RM6000 and we can offer you a payment plan after a RM1500 initial deposit.

  • Veneer — RM1500 per-tooth.
  • Composite Veneer — RM300 and above per-tooth.
  • Acrylic Denture — RM245 per-tooth.
  • Valplast Denture — RM645 per-tooth.
  • Full Denture Acrylic Upper & Lower — RM1800.
  • Full Valplast Acrylic Upper & Lower — RM3000.
  • Full Denture Chrome Cobalt Upper & Lower — RM3100.

  • Wisdom Tooth Surgery — Wisdom teeth require the skill of an experienced specialist to remove through surgery we can provide one of the best around to remove yours for between RM800 to RM1500.
  • Crowns and Bridges — Sometimes a tooth will be too far gone that a filling won’t fix it but not so bad that it needs to be removed. With a crown we can restore your tooth to its former glory. A bridge is much the same but will completely replace a missing tooth or series of teeth with a fixed partial denture joined permanently to adjacent teeth RM600 to RM1800 per unit (dependent on material type).
  • Implants — An implant is an artificial root (made from titanium) that the oral surgeon places into your jaw, by means of a minor oral surgery, to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants are more tooth saving than traditional bridges, as they do not rely on the neighbouring teeth for support. The cost for an implant is RM6500 per tooth, inclusive of the final crown.
  • Teeth Whitening Chairside — RM1300.
  • Home Whitening Kit — RM250.

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